Verizon Continues Bashing AT&T’s 3G Network


The gloves-off fight between Verizon and AT&T continues. Verizon has just started running its latest TV commercial bashing AT&T’s 3G coverage area.

Verizon Shadows TV AdAT&T has been hitting back with a series of ads touting the advantages of its network, but I don’t believe these are as effective because Verizon’s are just better done.

The latest from Verizon is a parody of a classic series of commercials for diamons that ran for years, always around Valentines Day. It is both clever and funny, and also gets its message across.

AT&T’s ads, on the other hand, feature actor Luke Wilson, who I find both boring and irritating. He gets their message across, but not in a way that I find even slightly interesting.

If AT&T wants to really counter Verizon’s aggressive ad campaign, it needs to drop Wilson and come up with a whole new concept. And do it soon.

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