60,000 Android OS Smartphones Sold Each Day


During his keynote address at the Mobile World Congress 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt threw out an amazing statistic: roughly 60,000 Android-powered devices are being sold every day.

That’s about 1.8 million a month. If it stays at that rate, it will total up to around 220 million smartphones running Google’s operating system sold this year.

Reaching this figure requires this OS to be available around the world. And it is –Schmidt said that devices using it are currently being sold in 48 countries in 19 languages. And to think that back in November of 2008, Android was available on one device from one wireless carrier in one country.

Mobile First
With growth like that, it’s no surprise that Google is switching its efforts from making web apps that can run on PCs to making ones that can run on mobile devices.

It won’t be long before more people are accessing the Web over their phones than they are with desktops and laptops. While those in many developed countries have both a phone and a PC, in emerging markets people generally have just a phone. And it makes more sense for this group to upgrade to a smartphone than it does to get a PC — phones are cheaper and a better match for their conditions, especially unreliable sources of electricity.

Google is riding this wave. If it succeeds, this company may exceed that 220 million device figure by a wide margin.


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