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The Brighthand Blog Has Moved… for Real this Time

March 2, 2010

I know this blog hasn’t been updated as much as some of you might have hoped, but there’s a good reason: almost as soon as it started up, my boss asked me to move it.

So this will be the last post at this location. Going forward, posts can be found at:

Brighthand Bytes:

RSS feed:


Welcome to the Brighthand Blog

February 3, 2010

I’m Ed Hardy, Site Editor for Brighthand, where I’ve been writing  for over 7 years. I’ve been working in mobile technology for about 10 years.

Brighthand is not a blog, it’s a news site. Our articles use the classic rule:  just the facts. However, I often have opinions about the topics I’m covering, and I’ll be posting these in this blog.

So if you want my thoughts on the latest smartphones, tablets, and other portable computers, keep an eye on